because I need to relax.

and because I some kind miss my natal city. 🙂 and aquatic paradise at home.

therefore spa castle, sauna complex in queens, new york.

first observation on the road to the castle spa. by 7 subway. one final stop is at times square and the other at flashing.

when I was much younger, I used to know many things about sport. so, I knew the grand slam has 4 tours : one in paris, the other in melbourne, the other in london and the other in flushing. I’ve always said that flashing meadows is an absolutely exotic town, impossible for me to locate on the map. on my way to spa castle, I had the opportunity to discover where this exotic town is actually located on the map: queens, new york…

good. I arrived at the spa castle. all day ticket: $ 40.

then ladies locker room. where I get an input from the lady that worked there, that I have to take my shoes off. I pointed to my pair of flip flops, but I was told that barefoot means also no flip-flops. ok. I complied. I found my locker. I looked in vain for any cabin. when I saw everyone is patrolling naked in this area, I took off my clothes and put the swimming suit.

the lady gave me a shirt and a t-short, that I was supposed to weare it here. except the area for the lady, where I could be naked.

I got the equipment, climbed the stairs and started exploring.

spa castle: there is a salad buffet. and a fruit buffet. and a sushi restaurant. and ice cream. I got some ice cream,  I have to admit it. I just came here to relax, right? there is also a bar on the top floor. where you can purchase alcoholic beverages.  3 drinks per bracelet.

there are of course also saunas: infra-red sauna, ice sauna, crystal sauna,


very hot and dry sauna, wet sauna, outside pools with hot water – and what could be better than to be in hot water and to feel the snow.

what is very interesting is that, unlike aquatic paradise where you enter the sauna wearing swimming suit and unlike austria and the nordic countries, where you enter the sauna completely naked, here you enter sauna wearing the spa uniform.

if you decide to go down to the ladies area, you can take a shower and take off all your clothes.

before taking the shower you can see the hair shampoo, the gloves you can use if you are going to peel off, different hands and hair lotion. available there. for free.

so, Blondi took a shower, using the available hair shampoo and body lotion and then she decided that she also needs a hair mask. so she looked for one and she found one in a small box. yup. it seems to be a good mask. so, Blondi decided to use it. at that time, an asian girl was saying: no, this hair mask is mine.

Blondi apologized, while the asian girlfriend felt pity and she said:  but you can use it, if you like.

of course Blondi won t use any hair mask. she just went to the locker and began to change the clothes.

there, two american women were annoying each other, while trying to close the locker.

– you are not doing the things easy, you know?

another girl passing by and one of the american girls asked:

– do you know how to close this locker?

– yup. you have to put the bracelet on that mini-reader.

– I put it and nothing happened.

– what number has your loker?

– aaaw, my loker has an number.

– of course. is the number from your bracelet.

at which point, the girl holding the bracelet with the number back, repositioned the bracelet, so that she could read the number on the bracelet and then find the proper locker.

greetings from spa castle in queens, new york. relax! yup?


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