what’s cool in america. the fact that nobody has any business with you. with the way your hair looks like. with the fact that you forgot your skirt or pants at home. or with your too much used shoes, that absolutely don t fit to your finest wool coat that you wear it.

what’s strange in america.

that all americans (well, i haven t met all americans yet :)) become to quickly to awful enthusiastic: wow , that was amazing . I know, it was crazy. i look around in order to see what could be so f ….. amazing. i see only ordinary things, nothing else .

what is really amazing in america. the way they treat people with disabilities. two days ago, i was waiting for the bus. in that station, an old woman in a wheelchair. the bus stopped, the driver let down the ramp, stopped the bus, get off, helped the old woman to get inside, ensured the wheel chair with security belts, asked her where she wanted to go.

yesterday i was at blue bottle cafe in williamsburg and i looked at a young man with dark glasses and white cane, standing still in line for coffee. and then he ordered his iphone: siri, call my mother. in which case siri proved extremely useful .

what will I do today in new york ? so, at about 12 o’clock in the night, i will go to apple. yeah. it is amazing there, i know. with all the queues. with the hunger for apple people…

and probably tomorrow i will visit a real museum . or the statue of liberty or the empire.

or should i better ask siri?…

don t you know siri?

is good not to know her. siri is scary …

have a good day, take care of you , guys …

ps. siri, how high can i jump?


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